Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday Brunch...La Cuaresma...Lent

{ A plate of Capirotada }

Capirotada brings back memories of being at my Mami Lupe's house..I didn't understand Lent, ashes on your forehead on Wednesday, I don't think I ever gave up anything...Camarones con nopales...capirotada, then it was Easter Sunday and the egg hunt. I remember Roosevelt Park and Redondo Beach pier, did I forget to mention all of my cousins, we have so many great family memories.

{ A fresh tasa de cafe for after-dinner memories and storytelling }

Spent the afternoon with my Mom, Margie and my uncle Johnny. It was so good to see that the Ranchito was busy and had a waiting list most of the day. The food brings everyone in but the family atmosphere keeps them coming back week after week. My Mom was excited when little Johnny told her that about 5 families had asked if she was Margarita, La DueƱa...She loved it...