Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joe's Family...Where's Aubrey???

{ Joe-Dad, Niki-Mom, Auntie Stacy, GrandMa Linda, Great-GrandMa Tere and GrandPa Rick... }

{ Elaine, Mome, Brenda and GrandMa Lita... }

{ Stacy, Joe and Niki...Please, No Tequila... }

{ GrandPa Rick & GrandMa Linda... }

Just another installment of the family fun that was had by all at Lupe and Jesse's home. Jesse, the cantinero, made Mai Tai's and mixed drinks with fancy umbrella's. Thanks to everyone for making Aubrey's shower a success.

***Just a small note...Rick was doing the Samba and crashed into the sliding door!!! All is well and he only needed 21 stitches...