Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aubrey's ear piercing...Tradition!

{ Niki, Aubrey and a nice girl??? }

{ Lots of hands holding Aubrey still... }

{ Aubrey making fun at the photographer... }

{ Aubrey making me feel guilty...WHY did you let them pinch me she said... }

{ This isn't so bad after all...Niki with her smiling Aubrey... }

Aubrey finally had her ears pierced...Yesterday...It's a tradition that little girls get their ears pierced when they're babies...My Mom thinks it should be done in the first week...She loved piercing everyone's ear's, when she could see better and hold her hands without shaking.

Aubrey is such a trooper, she was loving all the attention.

She cried a bit when her ears were pierced but she jumped right into the fun when she saw 2 small girls smiling at her and sharing in her pain.