Friday, April 9, 2010

Blessing Party pictures...Aubrey Too!!!

{ Avila Family with the banner... }

{ More Avila Family members... }

{ Bible being read for the celebration... }

{ Maribel and Sergio being struck by Holy water... }

{ Tia Margarita, Tio Salvador, Maria Elena and Sergio making first pot of arroz... }

{ Margie, Tim, Aubrey-the STAR, Maria Elena and Andrew... }

{ Little Tony, Rosie, Aubrey, Sonia and Andrea... }

{ Aubrey on Margie's lap...Smiling... }

{ My Mom and Aubrey...She loves when GranMa speaks spanish... }

{ No-fear Aubrey flying high... }

Here are the next set of pictues from the blessing ceremony at Sergio's new restaurant. It is so nice to see that everyone gets together and jump-starts the new endeavor. Good Luck, Primo... Aubrey loved being around so many kids and I had a hard time keeping an eye on her. Just wait til she is walking.