Sunday, June 6, 2010

Familia - Chagito Cendejas

Santiago Cendejas in his backyard...Penjamo

My sister Lupe discovered that she worked with a relative of ours at UPS.  She always mentioned pictures of our great-grandfather, Chagito.  He's my Abuelita's Dad.  From all the stories I hear, he was a very caring individual, he owned the blanket weaving business where my Dad worked, and he told my Papi Poldo to not worry about his girls, Amparo and Teresa when he left for El Norte. 

The story I like best is that he was also a finance guy, he would make the blanket, sell it but on credit, then charge you when the crops were brought in. Everyone loved him...He never wrote anything down on paper, it was all verbal agreements...When he was on his death bed he told his family not to try to collect any debts, all debts were forgiven.