Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I purchased this camera in Chinatown about a month ago.  My Mom and I went out for lunch at Louie Fuey, greatest chinese food in downtown.  

While we were walking about and enjoying all the colors and the weird people, I found this shop that is selling these cameras.  They belong to an elderly Chinese gentleman who used to be a photographer, camera collector, he is selling these for living expenses.

This camera is from 1926, Kodak, it just makes me wonder how many memories it must have created.  In the hands of a master, many wonderful pictures of joy, happiness, family and grief.

I'm so excited to have picked it up and will treasure it...until I get to pass it along.

I saw a real nice wedding site and I wanted to duplicate a ring picture with a glass heart that I have, it's a paperweight that I purchased at Pier1 a long time ago...