Monday, October 26, 2009

Father Ziemann passed away and will be missed!!!

{ Click on the picture and hear the bells toll in Heaven... }

If you haven't heard, Father Ziemann passed away last week.

He died of pancreatic cancer. There are many ways that we are touched by a man of the cloth, but for me and my family Father Ziemann was an Angel from above. He kept an eye on all of us throughout high school, performed my marriage, baptized both of my daughters, nieces, nephews. He is always in my heart and I will always miss him.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Pumpkin...

{ Aubrey and her friends... }

{ Aubrey in the Pumpkin Patch...Photo by Niki with Joe's help }

Here's Aubrey having a great time....Her first Halloween outfit and her first visit to the Pumpkin patch in Santa Ana.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom's 75th Birthday...SURPRISE Party

{ We all waited patiently...Traffic held everything up... }

{ Fina, Mom - Birthday Girl, Uncle Johnny and my Tia Margarita... }

{ Cantineros Jesse and Lupe... }

{ Niki, Aubrey and Joe...The Velardes }

We all gathered at Lupe and Jesse's home in West Covina.
Traffic held everything up for an hour but once we got going we all had FUN!!!

My Mom was so surprised by the outpouring of family and friends. The food was great with fresh-grilled tacos from the Taco Girl, foods from El Ranchito, Casa Luz, California Pizza Kitchen, music by Aaron, birthday cake from Chintown in LA and of course a great video show, a compilation of fotos from my Mom's life...Recuerdos.

There were lots of hugs while everyone enjoyed sharing memories and of course promising to keep in touch.

Thanks to everyone for making this a night to remember for my Mom and all of us.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cerda Family Picnic...

{ GrandaMa Tere and Aubrey... }

{ Niki, Aubrey and Joe...No sunglasses... }

{ Aubrey and Auntie Erika... }

We celebrated the Cerda Family picnic in Yorba Park on the 11th, yesterday, second sunday of October. It is so nice to see that the family continues to grow, but now it feels like I don't know so many people. Still it's great to have family time, most of us don't participate in games anymore, arthritis!!! My Mom is happy to see her cousins and remember all the good times they shared. It is sad when you hear that someone that was here last year has passed-on, but then we have the little one's.
We all got new purple Cerda shirts that Lupe had printed and they came out great...although I think they are made for small Chinese folks, just my thought.
I'm working on getting all the photos posted and I'll let everyone know that site when I finish everyting...remember, getting rid of wrinkles takes a long time...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


{ Aubrey and Niki... }

Just taking a few picture's of Niki and Aubrey. Aubrey smiles but not when she's at my house...Here she gets sleepy...